The Golden Rule Of Silence

Sometimes we feel exhausted for no apparent reason. We feel worn out and numb. For some of us a simple act of finding the perfect way to recharge and unwind our wondering mind can be quite tricky. But I will share my little habit of saving and recharging the batteries.


I decided to escape London during the Olympic Games 2012. I  decided to spend this time with my relatives up in the Carpathian mountains. It is a beautiful place full of serenity, wisdom and peace. It is also full of loud people whose interests include talking about nothing, spreading made up gossips straight from their minds and judging everyone they know and don’t know. I found myself so not used to it and instead of engaging in pointless conversations I took the place of a silent observer. We can learn a lot about people when and how they talk about others. Sometimes it’s funny how excruciatingly painful some girls are trying to describe their frenemy who have stollen someone else’s boyfriend or was wearing a pretty slutty dress last Friday night :-) Noise, Noise, Noise. My sister has friends like that. And she was wondering why after spending some ”quality time” with them she had a serious migraine and sleepless night processing all the noisy and pointless junk they’ve talked about…

Or let’s have another example. Imagine yourself being at a restaurant filled with people chatting loudly here, there and everywhere. And the music at its fullest volume. If you are pulled into the conversation you may not notice the noise around you, but if you start to pay attention to everything around you, then your brain will get tired in no time. So that fatigue you may have experienced before at the end of the day is just an exhausted mind stuck permanently in that ”loud restaurant”. The noise of information pollution (we know how strong the influence of Media undoubtedly is) with a fine mixture of our own crazy flows of never ending train of thoughts are the results of a constant brain overload. Even if you have a day off and do nothing more than spend a day in bed you’re still tired, even more than if you would have worked all day long. The noise in our heads – is our worst enemy.

When I used to be younger I couldn’t  help myself but talk-talk-talk nonstop. Subject never mattered to me. I really enjoyed to speak and be heard. And years later I’ve realised that my silly habit of not shutting up simply was wearing me out. THINK about it – the more we talk needlessly – the more vital energy we spread leaving ourselves with a feeling of emptiness. From that moment on I’ve embarked on a quest to find an eternal peace. I even wanted to go to Nepal in a search of silence, peace and quiet. But when I came across this beautiful words by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross: “There is no need to go to India or anywhere else to find peace. You will find that deep place of silence right in your room, your garden or even your bathtub”. I realised that that exact place of silence should be somewhere in my heart. So I kept searching. And instead of talking endlessly, my personal hobbies now are listening to tranquil music, reading and silence.

The golden rule of silence is:

“Speak only when your words are more beautiful than the silence”.


Now you understand that silence is very important to keep your batteries charged and silence will stop you from needlessly wasting your energy on junk talk. Once you have that silence, you will find that many thoughts go through your brain and those thoughts can also be exhausting because they are never all good and they tend to be chaotic. This is where focus comes in. You always need to find an idea, a hobby, a drive for knowledge in something and focus your mind on that. Focus allows you to achieve what’s best in you and allows you to stop wondering about other unimportant things or things that get you down. It stops you from having chaos in your head. It makes the law of attraction work exponentially better. It makes you achieve your full potential. Focusing on one particular great thing makes your full available capacity of your brain work for that one idea and it is worth more than 10, 20, 100 people working on the same idea without really focusing on it. They say we only use 10% of our true capacity and that’s not much at all. Lets use those 10% as efficient as possible so that we can create, build, make, write, paint, help, change, achieve and then add more to that 10% by focusing on it!

The golden rule of focus is:

“Focus on one great idea and pass on a hundred of good ideas because that one great idea is what will bring the most into your life”.


By Lesya & Evgeny Li
Photo by Aaron Jacobs

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