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  • alanna

    Get off whilst you can. don’t allow FB to determine your worth, it will destroy your self esteem and confidence… your worth more than that.

  • FlyPrezidente

    I left because I was sure that most of my friends on facebook were not my real friends. Real friends will be there for you and hang out with you but I have never made any memories with any of these people but the fact that we went to the same high school and thats it. In reality i never knew any of them and don’t want to know them especially the shit they post on facebook. You cant even talk to anyone on that damn site without them brushing you off like they are cooler then you and what not but thats not my problem it was my problem for staying on the damn site for so fucking long. But its all gone and it is better to not have one because then you become mysterious and your real friends will come around instead of everyone having you at their convenience.

  • JJ

    Just deactivated. Hard now. I structured my life around my FB Show. Feel a bit isolated. There was too much info out there and I felt defined / caged by the persona I presented. Not using the freed time well though. Sleeping a lot. But I won’t go back. I prefer to be an enigma.

    • http://twitter.com/havingtime Having Time

      Congratulations on the accomplishment! I hope you will feel better soon without isolation involved in the matter… 😉 Personally, I spend more free time reading the books I “never had time” to read with all of that social media drama, especially Facebook…. The positive thing is – now you have more free time to do what you love, to spend more time on your hobby etc. That’s great!

  • Max

    the funny thing is that if you replace the word facebook with alcohol or cigarettes then it becomes obvious: facebook is an addictions and getting rid of an addiction is a relief and apparently quitting facebook or alcohol takes similar steps i.e. one day at a time.. like gio says: I quit a year ago and that was one of the choices I enjoyed most in my live…

  • Kelli

    I love this. I’ve been deactivated for over a month now for all of the reasons you listed above, and I love it. I’m freeeeee! I think your post just inspired me to delete it for good! It’s a huge time waster, and so much of the time I feel bad about myself after logging in. I also realized I became an attention addict, and I don’t like that! Time to change! 😉

  • Francesca

    Loved this as I am just ni the process of saving all of my 1000’s of photos from facebook onto my comuter so that I can delete every single bit of it once and for all… wasting my life on facebook is the most depressing wake up call I’ve had and I feel liberated to finally be RID of it!

    I do have to say though, it is rather funny that you have a Facebook ‘Link’ if post icon in the corner of the page….? Ironic?

    Thanks again and lets hope the rest of the world wakes up to this soon as well.

  • http://geekpoise.com Evgeny

    Indeed, I am always worried about people tagging me in photos and with facebook changing its privacy settings every month, it’s becoming more and more burdensome…

  • gio

    I quit Facebook over a year ago: that was one of the choices I enjoyed most in my life.
    Facebook was a great waste of time for me and I didn’t realise it for a long time.
    My life got better since then and it allowed me to know which people were real friends as well.
    Someone still asks me to come back but I say them a loud NO! I will never come back again.

    Anyway, thank you for your posts, they’re great. Bye!

    • FlyPrezidente